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From Sony comes this compact with the air of an SUV, the Sony WX500 , 
a very special camera that at first glance may look like the little sister of the RX100 but for a much lower price offers us many possibilities for it’s size, performance and performance .

Despite not including RAW or needing better shortcuts, for about 350 USD this new Sony equipment is a team to consider.

Sony DSC-WX 500, street spirit
What most attracts the attention of this camera is it’s size and if we use the zoom, the long route of up to thirty increases offered. It shows in the hands light, manageable and versatile thanks to it’s tilting screen, in addition to a solid construction in the hand accompanied by a dial to adjust the parameters quickly. Next, we will see the technical specifications of the team …
Technical specifications
Exmor R® CMOS type 1 / 2.3 “effective 18 megapixels
Bionz X
Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T * 30x, equivalent to 24-720mm ƒ / 3.5-6.3
3 “TFT-LCD with 921,000 points, tiltable 180º vertically
10 frames per second
1920×1080 to 60p in AVCHD or MP4
102x58x36 millimeters and 236 grams with Li-ion battery
As we can see, it is a simple camera, with features that do not call attention to paper. The 1 / 2.3 “sensor is from the small sensors, the largest and closest to the full inch , while its off-road lens loses luminance in it’s most tale position up to ƒ / 6.3. outdoor photographs, this camera is discreet and off-road.
Construction and design

As for the construction, the most remarkable thing about this equipment is its similarity with the RX100, while its older sister enjoys a body of magnesium alloy, the WX500 has a metallic aluminum finish with up to three different finish . This compact, almost square design that Sony has adopted for its most awarded compact has been extrapolated to teams with lower benefits and budget to reach all strata of consumers.

As for the design and positioning of controls and direct accesses, I just miss a better accommodation for the ISO value , which means that we have to go to the functionalities menu to change it, without having a dedicated button. On the back we find a dial that is useful, but overall the controls are incomplete. I miss, for example, a dial in the style lens of the Mark IV RX100 to speed up the change of parameters or a button in the rear area.

Even so, it is not a team that can be required to perform in manual modes: the WX500 is an automatic camera and so the software and hardware have been designed. It has to be off-road and small, and for that you have to sacrifice features such as opening the zoom or some vital functions in higher level cameras that we will analyze later.

The tilting screen, a key aspect

In chemical photography, it has always been the perception that the medium formats with a waist-view are discrete cameras, perfect for urban photography. It seems that Sony has hit the nail in this case by incorporating this tilting screen in vertical direction that emulates a waist viewer and that makes when we want to ‘steal a photo’ down the street, we are more hidden than ever.

There is no RAW, but recording in AVCHD

Before we start explaining the street footprint of the camera, we must highlight a couple of extremely important technical details that can be decisive for future users of this equipment: the Sony EX500 does not have a RAW format shot , but it does that recording is included in AVCHD, the Sony ‘RAW’ codec.

This is a very important aspect and part of the design and construction of the camera. It is a team of about 350-400 usd, and therefore it is a camera with the most basic functions. Including the shot in RAW format, the camera would be limited in its strengths : it would not have the burst of 10 frames per second and the load of this type of files would require a better hardware and a more worked software, which would irremediably make its price went up and even overlapped with the RX100.

Quality and performance

As for the field test, the general satisfaction with this camera is that it is a camera that will cover the expectations of a user who wants a better camera of higher quality than a standard compact one . In addition, photographers who like to travel and urban photography can take advantage of the equipment as long as they have enough light.

The tiny size of this camera means we can carry it perfectly in your pocket. In addition, as it is completely square and the objective retractable, the screen is the only thing that remains exposed to scratches and defects, although it is easily avoidable if we put a classic plastic to cover the screens of mobile phones.

The second important point that for me makes this camera have a lot of personality is the goal. Although it is not very bright at all, it is a lens with a tremendous optical zoom that will allow us to photograph both the streets and especially the architecture of our city.

Those who are especially fond of details in historic buildings during their travels will find a spectacular companion in this chamber. On the other hand, during the night it will be practically impossible to use it if it is not with flash. I used it to photograph capitals, details on facades or sculptures up on top of a 10-story building , like the one that crowns the building of ‘La Union y el Fenix in Valencia with very satisfactory results.

Very limited ISO performance

The performance when we talk about ISO values ​​is almost anecdotal . We are talking about a compact little balanced with what we find pieces with impressive features that are paid by cutting other functions. Here comes the management of ISO values, which due to the size of the sensor and the low brightness of the lens will be a value that in difficult conditions will not drop 200 or 400, breaking out from 800 and incorrigible if we go beyond the 1600.

However, this camera is a team to get the picture, not to get it with the highest possible quality ; Here, understanding the methods of noise reduction in post-processing will help us improve the final result. Making a photograph is important, although we have to go up to 3200 ISO: it is better to have a photograph with having it.

This is why this camera is not made for nocturnal or for interiors: its strong point are the sunny exteriors where we can make use of all its functions with an automatic or semi-automatic program, controlling only the ISO so that it does not fire. . For any other type of photographs we will have to squeeze the sera to get the best result with the least imperfections.

Sony DSC-WX500, the opinion of XatakaFoto

Sony has thrown into the pool with this camera, designed almost exclusively for urban photography or situations where the availability of light is not a problem to take advantage of. Of the image quality there is no complaint, Zeiss has done a good job and it shows that the definition and color of the final results, even without RAW, are very good.

The fastest will find in the tremendous burst of 10 frames per second an impressive performance to capture their perfect images, and its small size and light weight is a companion of walking or great travel . It is a camera that I think is designed to make ‘stolen’ and capture distant details in buildings when we go on a trip, even though bad controls mean that the manual mode has to be relegated to the background.

The focusing motor is very fast, helped in part by the small size of the sensor, which allows us to quickly start and shoot the camera in any situation. Even in the dark, the camera focuses fast by a powerful orange LED that illuminates the scene to achieve precise focus.

In addition, thanks to the connectivity via Wi-Fi and NFC, it will allow us, together with Sony’s Play Memories application, to pass our photos directly to your mobile or tablet, which is undoubtedly a success for this model designed with this ‘selfie-friendly’ screen. The team has been assembled.

In general, it is a good team if we consider its limitations that are not few, but we must understand that if we want to take full advantage of it, we will not be able to do it indoors or in low light environments.
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