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Sony a6400 Camera Setup

Sony a6400 completely new menu system for Focus Area video settings. If it’s their first Sony a6400, there’s just so many buttons setup for sony a6400, they don’t know how to work Sony a6400. just Want to do give a quick and easy way to really Sony a6400 camera setup, so you can have the maximum potential when just getting started. Let’s jump into it right now. Before we pull the Sony a6400 camera out the box you just Want to do make sure you got your lens on deck and we’re going to put that on the sony a6400 camera and then make sure you get an SD card into the camera mirror to set up sony a6400 camera menus and now you’ll be ready to go. So when you pull the camera right out the box, it’s Used to prompt you to put in the time and date settings.

Sony A6400 Settings

Just make sure you actually take the time and do those things and make it accurate, Want to do because you Want to do be able to backtrack your work when you go down the line, one, two, three years. You know, it’s very frustrating when I pick up somebody else’s camera and let’s say take pictures, and their date settings are off, and when I import those into like, lightroom, or if I use video footage, it just tells the program that it’s 2018 when they originally bought the camera, but it’s 2019. So you just Want to do make sure you set that up, but once you do, and you’re in your menu, ready to go, one of my favorite things about what Sony has done, is they’ve listened to the consumer, and a lot of people used to complain about the menus of Sonys, but they’ve kind of helped

Sony A6400  Menu Setting

It’s just simply, it’s a customizable menu, that I have found myself going to more than the menus itself, and that’s because I’m Used to putting the things that you’re Used to access the most, in regards to shooting video and photo content, and so let’s get started. You’re Used to go to the star, which is the My Menu Setting, and you’re Used to going to Add Item. The first thing you Want to do add is you Want to do add the File Format. So we’re Used to adding the first item by clicking Add Item. We’re Used to going to Menu 15, and we’re Used to going down to File Format. We’re Used to adding that to this location, added, boom. So now you can jump from 4K or 1080p, 60 frames, that’s how I really jump to and from frame rates.

Sony a6400 video settings

 Then you’re Used to adding Record-Setting, which is right underneath it. So I’m just Used to add Record-Setting, and now that’s added. So the next thing you Want to do add is the Audio Record Settings, and you know, I always find myself changing my levels, Audio Record Level, right there. I always find myself changing levels when I’m using a boom when I’m using a lav when I’m vlogging, and so you want that right on hand to be able to adjust. The next thing you Want to do add is the Interval Shoot Function, and that’s the ability to shoot time-lapses. You know, every time you get a new camera that has the ability to shoot time-lapse, it’s always hard to go on the menu and try to find exactly where it is.

 So you can actually put it in your custom menu, and so we’re Used to adding the Interval Shoot Function right there in our menu, and we’re good to go. And the very last thing I make sure that’s in my custom menu is the format. When you put in a card, you Want to do be able to format it, and it’s always frustrating, and again, trying to find where that is in the menu, so I’m just Used to add it to my custom menu, and once that’s there, you’re good to go. As you can see, the few things that I have on my custom menu is your File Format, your frame rate, your Record Level, the time-lapse and then your actual Format, your card, the ability to format your card itself, and so once you get that all good to go, the next thing you Want to do do, is you Want to do go into the number two setting, and on your way there, I think this is just best practice, change your exposure mode from Program Auto to Manual.

sony a6400 camera Program Auto to Manual settings

You’ll find it very frustrating, ’cause even when you put different settings on your camera, that it’s just Used to resort to Auto Mode, even if you Want to do take full control. So just make sure you do that real quick, and then so on your way there, you’re Used to go to page number eight, under the second menu, and as you can see, it’s just a big area where you can actually customize the buttons that Sony allows you to customize, which is always a cool feature, and so the few things I do, is the first one, is this back button right here. I love to make that my AF On button, and so I’m Used to going right over here to the sixth menu, and then Imma adds AF On. What that means is, when I’m holding the camera, and there’s a subject right there, I can just push that real quick, and it’ll lock focus, based off of what I Want to do lock focus on, and then I like to change the third button to Focus Area.

Sony a6400 camera Focus Mode

You have Focus Mode, and then now you have a Focus Area. You Want to do access to your Focus Area and your Focus Mode really quick because those two things really determine your autofocus abilities, and so I like making that all setup, and then the next thing you Want to do set up is the Functions Menu. So, the Functions Menu is what you see when you hit Fn, just using your camera. There’s a lot of things that are actually redundant that comes with the camera. For example, here’s ISO right here, and you have the ability to already press ISO on your buttons, and so, that doesn’t need to be there. The same thing too, is like, Focus Area.

sony a6400 camera custom button

is a Focus Area, and then we’ve customized this C2 button to be Focus Mode, and as you can see, they’re both right here, in your Fn, which is great, I think, if you Want to do leave it there, perfectly fine, but I find just a few things that I like putting, is on the second part, I actually like to put our Picture Profile, or just picture profiles in general, because when I go from photo to video, I like to add that Picture Profile and turn it on. The next thing we do is instead of ISO, you can actually put an audio record level. Maybe that’s a little repetitive from the last thing we set up, but it’s just nice to have on hand, the ability to just see that and change that, and then we’re Used to changing right here, Focus Comp into Face Priority.

sony a6400 camera good feature again

on Sony cameras, the Face Priority, or the Face Auto Focus is key, and again, reason being I like Focus Area and Focus Mode to be easily accessible because you want your Focus Mode to be continuous, and you want your Focus Area to be wide, in order to actually access the full face and eye Auto Focus. The last thing I would say, I think you’re good to go when it comes to everything else. You can leave your Creative Style, your White Balance, but the next thing and the last thing I really want to encourage you to do is to go on to your ninth page on your second menu and really change this to Touch Tracking. So, the coolest thing about 6400 it’s its Auto Focus abilities.

When Sony flew me out to come to test the camera, they said that really in order to access the full realtime autofocus, is what Sony calls it, are you Want to do enable Touch Tracking. You’re getting the full potential of Auto Focus that the camera has for you, and so that’s how you set up kinda your camera. I think just a good foundation, the biggest thing about Sony systems is that it’s fully customizable, right? And so as you use this, always ask yourself, what can make this faster? What would actually be more helpful for me to use? Because these are things I’ve kinda come up with, shooting video and photo for a long period of time, and Especially using Sonys for a really long time, but you’ll find it may be a little bit different with whatever you’re doing more work of. Buy Amazon

sony a6400 vlog setup

If you’re vlogging more or if you’re behind the camera more, or what have you, this is kind of I guess a set up for someone who would be not only behind the camera, but also in front of the camera, and obviously, with the flip-up screen, you Want to do take those things in mind, ’cause you can also set up things that help you get to real quick with just using the touch screen. Well hey, if you got any value in this video, why don’t you hit the like button, and we also have made quite a few videos here on Think Media about the Sony A6400. If you Want to do check out that playlist, make sure to check it out. We’ll put it on the YouTube card and in the description below. And the question for you is, Is this your first Sony? Or is it your second Sony? Let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll make sure to see you in the next video. Take it easy.


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