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SD Card - Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2019

SD Card – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2019

Finding the best SD card for your device is not always easy. In many cases, we have to look for specific products, Such as some specific data transfer capacities or a size that is not less than or more than GBS fixed amount. And this is not a 16GB microSD card for your mobile, which is a high demand card for 4K cameras recorded. So the first step you need to do is to be clear about what you need and evaluate what options the market offers you evaluate. Among these options, our Sandisk Ultra Android 16GB card is available, which provides features designed for 16GB of power and especially for Android devices.

The best SD cards in the market

SD devices have become an essential element for many devices that work with lots of data. A model that can identify the best performance of the device, so it is advisable to look for the best SD card for the device. SD card is a tool that can equip your device and perform its functions, which at the moment ensures better compatibility with us and compare us with the best SD cards.

SanDisk Ultra Android 16 GB

SanDisk Ultra Android 16 GB

Among the best SD cards of 2019, microSD models must be present. And if we look at the comments, the Sandisk Ultra Android 16 GB model can be the best SD card for the moment in the Micromodels section. This model has 16GB of power, which is suitable for use on devices that do not require large amounts of memory, such as tablets or mobile phones.

Product SD format, which is easily possible by the adapter which helps to transfer files between your PC and any device. Something that helps in Division A1, which accelerates the performance of an application if all of this we add that this card is among the cheapest for its capabilities and features, we may face the value of the best SD card for its Segment number.

Let us look at some more information about this card, despite our cheaper alternatives, there are many best SD cards at the moment of the micro segment.


Transfer speed: Card transfer speed reaches 98mm / second.       

Category A1: This section enhances the functionality and performance of applications installed on the device.

Class 10: Thanks to its class 10, this model is compatible with video recording and playback in full HD format.

Resistance: The card is already resistant to Sanders models, which supports the most intensive use.      

Adapter: The card is compatible with the standard SD card adapters needed to use it .


Capacity: The card has 16 GB power, probably inadequate for users who have more space. However, this range of products reaches 400 megabytes of capacity.

Samsung EVO Plus 64 GB

Samsung EVO Plus 64 GB

Also in the microSD card segment, the Samsung EVO Plus model is one of the best and recognized for its quality. This card provides our 64 GB storage capacity, thanks to its modern UK controller, it can reach speeds of 59 MB / s and reach 60 MB / s speed written.

With high performance, it is an advanced product which is compatible with all types of devices. What’s included, it helps with the SD adapter, which maintains the speed of the transfer and the speed it already discusses. A card compatible with all types of devices, even the most advanced and useful for data usage. This card has high protection, which is resistant to water, heat or even x-ray and magnetic fields.

If you do not know to buy an SD card and you are looking for a good amount of micro size space, this model will surely be interesting to you.


Speed: U3 The ability to read this card reaches 60 MB / speed per second, about 95 mg / per second per second in writing.

Compatibility: Thanks to its speed and the class, this model is the most demanding data usage

Durability: Thanks to its construction, this card adequately supports wetting, high temperatures or the effect of dust.

Compatible with full devices.

Stability: Thanks to its construction, this card supports sufficiently wet, high temperature or dust effects.


Actual capacity: Card actual capacity, in line with other similar models, available galaxy total capacity of about 59% will be reduced by about 7% of the market.

Function A1: The device does not include the A1 function, with which to accelerate processing and perform improved application performance.

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC

If your device is a real “data processing” machine, SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC card is your requirement. A product that is the best SD card in SDXC division for many professionals. The total power of this card is 128 GB, thanks to the technicians that they have given us the right quality products,

It translates to 9 5 MB / s at transfer and at 90 MB / s speed in the shooting mode so that the card is capable of supporting serial firing in 4K UHD format, without video recording or failure or problem in burst mode. Which gives you a wide range of video speed classes 30 as well as support for UHS Speed Class 3, thereby keeping the type of performance high in demand.


SDXC Technology: Thanks to its SDXC technology, this card is capable of performing remarkably even the most demanding devices.

Video and quality photos: This card can take photos in burst mode without problems in video record or gathering information in your 4K format.

Extreme Conditions: Like the rest of the SanDisk SD card, this model supports the most extreme conditions of use.


Format: To get good results, the camera automatically formats the card, so that your camera is needed to adjust the behavioral card.

Priestess: Some users recommend the prerequisite of the card to verify its operation, sometimes a defective unit may appear.

Sandisk SDSDUNC-032G

Sandisk SDSDUNC-032G

SanDisk SDSDUNC-032G SD card comes in terms of speed but without the ultimate speed of the most expensive SD card, a high-end product. Therefore, this is a cost-adjusted solution for those who want to record full HD quality video without spending more. This model transfer mode is capable of reaching up to 80 MB / sec speed, and also compatible with the standard SHDC, SDXC, and its various variants.

Therefore, it is easy to have a good performance designed especially for compact and mid-range cameras, in which it is not necessary to have the most expensive. In what does not fail the product is to offer the own security of the brand, adequately supporting humidity, X-rays or the effects of bumps and dust.

As you will see below, this model combines high speed with an appropriate price, for those who do not need the speed of the most extreme models.


Balanced card: This model combines a good transfer speed with a tight price, being very suitable for compact and mid-range cameras.

Video recording: Thanks to its performance, this model can record video in Full HD format without problems in data transfer.

Capacity: Its 32 GB capacity gives us extra security by “forcing” us to change it more frequently and save our work in front of higher capacity cards.


Compatibility: It is important that the camera or device where it is used is compatible with SDHC because if it is not, the card will not work.

Speed: In this case, the maximum speed of 80 MB / s, which may fall short for the most demanding devices, such as those recorded in 4K.

Toshiba FlashAir W-04

Toshiba FlashAir W-04

Although they are not well known among the general public, we also find WiFi SD cards on the market, such as the Toshiba FlashAir W-04 model. This card has the conventional design of an SD card with a capacity of 32 GB and the class 3 common in these devices. However, the novelty of the product is that it can be connected to your Wi-Fi network, so you can access the data it stores without having to physically move the card.

Something that can be very useful for photographers or to transfer and share data between devices connected to the same network. For this purpose, the model offers the possibility of connecting up to 7 devices at the same time. This product offers a transfer speed of 10 MB / s, also generating a secure environment protected with the usual network protocols such as WEP, WPA or WPA2, among others. This prevents unauthorized access to your data.

Designed to save you time and complications in the management of your data, this model offers an efficient and safe design when working.


WiFi connectivity: Thanks to its WiFi connectivity it is possible to move data between the card and other equipment without having to physically move the SD.

Speed: This model reaches a reading speed of up to 90 MB / s, to keep pace with any device.

Accesses: This product can connect up to 7 devices at a time, to make it easier to share data.


The app included: The included app has certain shortcomings, according to users comment, which makes it difficult, in part, the process of accessing data, especially on computers with Android 8.

Camera configuration: It is essential to increase the connection time of the camera when accessing the data, which is not particularly clear in the instructions.


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