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Panasonic GX80: best mirrorless camera,digital photography

Best mirrorless camera

Panasonic GX80: best mirrorless camera: The new mirror-less Panasonic Lumix GX 80 is very less compact, smaller sister, and even in shape, the design of Panasonic GX8 is very similar. In fact, the new device is 122 x 71 x 44 mm and 426 grams with battery. The small size compelled the designers to reduce the number of customized buttons, but the mirror still firm and perfectly well equipped and fully equipped and full of features: 4K video, 4K photos, 5-axis stabilizers.

The machine has a skin-like finish and knurled rings in quality aluminum. The electronic viewfinder is like a Panasonic GX 7 with a resolution of 27 million points, although it does not allow turn-down to a version. Viewfinder layout 16: 9

The LCD display on the back has a resolution of 3 inches and 1.04 million points. It’s a touchscreen, up to 80 degrees and 45 degrees Celsius.

A small recallable flash is available for emergencies.

Panasonic GX 80’s heart is a 16-megapixel digital live MOS sensor and a new sperm engine image processor combination. The proven sensor is now free from anti-aliasing filters to make the maximum definition in the photo. According to Panasonic, the profit rate is 10%. Thanks to the high processing power of the processor, the machine has a sensitivity range up to ISO 25,600.

There is no electronic screen for silicon shots in the Lumix GX 80, but it is a new electromagnetic guide shutter that reduces compression even during shooting and in some parts. Most shooting time is a second 1/4000; Sync Flash to 1/660 of a second.

best mirrorless camera

Digital photography

Against the risks of blurring in the photo, stabilization system 5-axis (even with a non-stabilized lens) works dual ISOs, which makes the camera stabilizer present in the lens with optical lenses. Up to 4.5 percent profit declared. The stabilizer works in 5-axes on 4K videos.

Especially effective ‘Diplodocus to Defocus’ autofocus system is the same in GX8.

With Panasonic Lumix GX80 you can shoot 4K video at 25p (MP4 up to 100mbps). Alternatively, the full HD 1080P recording is available in both MP4 and AVCHD cases.

Unfortunately, the attack for an external microphone is missing.

Take advantage of Panasonic’s 4K 4K photo feature recently: You can find an 8-megapixel photo from a high-speed recording.

Thanks to the Post Focus Function, then, you can interfere later in photos by choosing the focus point in many senses. Just touch the screen you want to focus on.

Among the many interesting things about GX80, the possibility of converting the rotated format directly into the machine, the new El Monochrome photo style (committed to “dark black and film shades” are committed), brackets and brackets available for white color equations, not for fire and exposure.

To complete the photo, to share images with built-in Wi-Fi smartphones and tablets.

The price of Panasonic Lumix GX 80 will be sold in Italy from June to 699 Euro for the car’s body. The jar rim is available in a kit with 1099 USD  in the kit with 14-42 mm, 799 euro and 14-140 mm.


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