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Canon EOS 5D

After the “bits of gossip” of the most recent couple of days, today the official declaration with every one of the highlights of the new Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. The full-outline SLR that tallies in the Canon value list – as far as numbers in deals and in this manner turnover, just as the picture (with the 5D arrangement has Canon propelled into the universe of video with SLR) – has the body tropicalized (shielded from the components) and is furnished with another sensor uniquely planned, full casing, CMOS, 30.4 megapixels, with Dual Pixel AF innovation. A sensor, at long last, with a wide scope of establishment (pictures wealthy in detail even in features and shadows), which ought to lessen the hole with sensors delivered by Sony (and gathered by a few brands, including Nikon) for quite a long while at the best on this front.

The local affectability goes (ISO 100-32.000) is expandable from ISO 50 to ISO 100 up to ISO 102.400.

Group has streamlined the clamor handling calculation to additionally enhance shooting in low light conditions.

EOS 5D Mark IV is likewise the main EOS camera outfitted with the inventive Dual Pixel RAW arrangement, which enables picture takers to precisely align pictures in after generation, altering or revising the sharpness guide, moving the concentration toward the forefront or diminishing (ghosting) pictures.

The new full edge SLR highlights a progressed 150K RGB + IR estimation sensor with a committed DIGIC 6 processor for exact exposures and exact following and following of the moving subject.

The new lead estimates 116.4 X 150.7 x 75.9 mm and has a load of 890 grams, including battery. The 3.2-inch LCD show, with full touch innovation on all menus, is the touchscreen type (likewise the touch to center capacity). There is Wi-Fi, NFC, for fast sharing of photographs on informal organizations by means of cell phones and tablets and incorporated GPS. The geolocation of each picture is joined into EXIF information, with programmed time updates to help oversee pictures and, out of the blue, IPTC metadata can be incorporated specifically in the room.

For connections, in addition, USB 3.0 port and HDMI output.
The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV can shoot at a speed of 7 photos per second (up to 21 RAW images, or unlimited JPEG in a single burst) with full control of AF / AE tracking. The silent modes, single and continuous, allow you to shoot with a reduced sound.
The autofocus system is 61 points with a large area of a lattice, 41 of which cross. The 61 AF points cover a larger sensor surface than the Canon EOS 5D Mark III and offer the ability to focus even in the moonlight, with -3 EV in viewfinder mode, or -4 EV in Live View mode. EOS 5D Mark IV allows you to use the focal multipliers on telephoto lenses with autofocus AF / 8 with all 61 points, of which 21 to cross for even greater precision.
Reflex “hybrid”, strong both on the photographic front and on that two movies, the new EOS 5D Mark IV offers recording in 4K DCI (4096 x 2160) at 30/25/24 fps, or alternatively, in Full HD 1080p a 60/50 fps and HD 720p at 100 / 120p, in MPEG 4 formats. Also available in MJPEG 8 bit at 500 Mbps.
If you want, you can extract 8.8-megapixel photos from 4K videos. The machine also allows time-lapse video and also offers a new HDR video mode.
The EOS 5D Mark IV is compatible with SD / SDHC / SDXC and CompactFlash TypeII memory cards.
The price of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (car body only) announced by Canon Italy is 4,169.99 euros.
New EOS 5D Mark IV Technologies
Dual Pixel RAW
Each of the 30 million pixels of EOS 5D Mark IV has two photodiodes that can be used simultaneously
or individually. This technology allows the creation of Dual Pixel RAW files that contain a pair of images taken from two slightly different points of view.
When processed by Canon Digital Photo Professional software, the Dual Pixel RAW files allow photographers to perform one of three types of exclusive adjustments. Image Microadjustment allows you to adjust the maximum position
sharpness, excellent for perfect portraits. Bokeh Shift allows you to highlight the blurred parts that can be moved horizontally to better match the elements in focus and Ghosting Reduction can be used to reduce the appearance of artifacts such as flares.
Digital Lens Optimizer
Canon’s Digital Lens Optimizer technology, previously only accessible when processing RAW files in the camera, can now also be applied to JPEG files when they are made.
Digital Lens Optimizer uses optical design values to correct various aberrations, diffraction, and reduction
of image etching caused by the low pass filter.
(International Press and TeleCommunication) is a standard tool capable of incorporating information into images? EOS 5D Mark IV allows you to upload an IPTC model to your camera, created in popular software such as Photo Mechanic or EOS Utility. The IPTC data are then automatically incorporated into the image taken as an XMP file so that all modern photo processing software can be read.
This is extremely important in fast-paced activities, such as in news or sports, which speeds up the process, without having to add these data later.
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