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A question most Canon lens patrons face – ought to I obtain a camera lens or one or additional mounted focal distance (prime) lenses?

Canon makes each for a reason – and there area unit smart reasons to possess each. I own and often use each (but use zoom lenses abundant more).

This article contains several generalizations relating to the variations between Canon’s zoom and stuck focal distance lenses. There area unit typically specific examples that contradict bound generalizations, thus make sure to scan the precise Canon lens review for the lens(es) you’re considering.

Also, note that my generalizations ought to even be taken relatively among Canon’s lens series.  ought to be compared with one another, and Canon’s shopper series zoom and stuck focal distance lenses ought to be compared with one another.

I ought to conjointly note that a number of Canon’s shopper mounted focal distance lenses will equal or higher a number of Canon’s L Series zoom lenses for sharpness at some settings. Sharpness isn’t everything, however, it makes an enormous distinction in image quality. Again, check the precise lens reviews before creating your call.

The major advantage a camera lens has is its skillfulness. A creative person employing a camera lens will quickly and properly frame and capture a short chance. they’ll conjointly capture many various framings of a similar subject among seconds. The mounted focal distance lens user should be sneaker-zooming (which conjointly changes perspective) to the proper distance once the topic disappears – or is not any longer in this cute creature. a subject matter with a chop-chop dynamic distance conjointly favors a camera lens.

The mounted focal distance lens user could as an alternative shoot with the framing they’re given. This leads to a degraded image – The creative person is forced to crop the image in postprocessing or leave doubtless vital details outside of the frame. This of course reduces the image quality advantage simply mentioned.

Zoom lenses need fewer sensor-dust-collecting lens changes – and fewer lenses to hold. Lens changes area unit inconvenient and takes time – and supply the chance for mud to urge to the sensing element. On the opposite hand, some zoom lenses move air in/out and maybe a supply of mud themselves.

In recent years, the overall public has heavily embraced zoom lenses. this can be mirrored within the form of new lenses Canon has introduced. Since 1999 (when Canon invigorated its Super zoom lens line), zoom lenses are introduced way more of than mounted focal distance lenses.

Canon mounted focal distance lenses area unit typically quicker (have a wider aperture) than their zoom counterparts. To American state in person, this can be the best price of a hard and fast focal distance lens.

A fast mounted focal distance lens permits action-stopping shutter speeds to be utilized in low-light things. mounted focal distance lenses area unit typically the sole resolution for dark indoor sports photography. I ought to mention that the ever-improving high ISO performance of the latest DSLRs is creating mounted focal distance lenses reduced in these things.

A fast lens conjointly permits glorious subject isolation by blurring the distracting background. The results are often lovely. This profit could be a sturdy one.

Conversely, an especially wide aperture creates a razor-thin depth of field – this can be not adequate in several things.

Canon mounted focal distance lenses area unit smaller than their zoom equivalents. Canon non-L mounted focal distance lenses area unit typically abundant smaller than Canon L-zooms within the similar focal distance vary. however, you would possibly have to be compelled to carry many prime lenses to hide your desires.

Canon mounted focal distance lenses area unit typically sharpy than their zoom counterparts – particularly within the corners, and far sharpy within the non-L lenses. This distinction is far less noticeable within the Canon’sL Lens Series, though some non-L mounted focal distance lenses will best L-zooms slightly at comparable apertures during this regard. Fewer lens components in conjunction with a reduced tendency for contrast-robbing flare contributes to the current attribute.

Canon Mount Focal Distance Lenses
Canon Mount Focal Distance Lenses

A very rough generalization: Canon mounted focal distance lenses area unit typically less costly than their zoom counterparts – if they need comparable wide apertures. once the mounted focal distance lens apertures begin obtaining abundant wider than the comparable zoom’s aperture, costs may very well cross back over. Canon’s non-L mounted focal distance lenses area unit perpetually less expensive than Canon’sL mounted focal distance lenses and zooms.

Any value savings will evaporate once multiple mounted focal distance lenses area units needed to hide the focal distance vary of 1 zoom, however having backup lenses offered could be a nice aspect result of multiple mounted focal distance lenses.

Some focal distances area unit solely offered from Canon in a very mounted focal length lens – like the Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM Lens or the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM Lens. Some lens sorts don’t seem to be provided in a very zoom – Canon doesn’t offer a real 1:1 Macro camera lens.

I have detected photographers state victimization strictly one mounted focal distance lens to spur creativeness. I do not trust that reasoning as you’ll be able to even as simply pay daily along with your camera lens set to one focal distance. simply use a bit non-marking tape to mend your camera lens at that focal distance. Then a pay succeeding day at a distinct focal distance if the essential premise helps you.

Of course, once the shot-of-a-lifetime happens upon you, you’ll break your promise to yourself and zoom to the correct focal distance to capture it! Some conjointly say that each one picture begin trying a similar once shot with one prime lens. You get a similar perspective with similar framing.

Some photographers solely would like one focal distance for many of their work. If this can be the case for you, a set focal distance lens probably makes the foremost sense. decide the one that’s best for you.

My personal preference is for canon’s L-zooms. can| I will be able to| I’ll typically acquire and pore the 24-200mm vary over my prime lenses UNLESS I want the next shutter speed than my zooms’ apertures will offer Maine (for shooting a moving subject in low light) or I want the additional background blur one amongst the mounted focal distance lenses will give. The optical performance of Canon’sL zoom lenses is outstanding – they get the duty done best on behalf of me most of the time.

There area unit valid reasons for owning either or each lens varieties – You ultimately should decide what’s best for you. I hope this text has helped you compare Canon’s zoom and stuck focal distance lenses. Again, scan my individual Canon lens reviews to seek out out that lens is best for you within the focal distance you wish.

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