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There are many and different reasons to incorporate the best camera tripod to our photographic equipment. The tripod is one of the most important accessories for photography and video. Here we talk about the different types of tripods, their most common uses and the criteria to choose the most suitable tripod for your needs and budget. With the carbon fiber tripods, you will get a compact gadget. Which will help you support the weight of the lens and camera set?

The best Camera tripods for your DSLR Camera

We have found our ideal camera, we have achieved the objective that best suited our team, we already have the perfect transport bag to take our camera everywhere … do we need a tripod?

From there, the need (or not) of a tripod or monopod to accompany us will depend to a great extent.

We will have enough reasons to complement our photographic equipment with a good tripod if …

Ours is long-distance photography using telephoto lenses in our reflex or evil camera.

We use bridge camera objectives with a high number of increases.

We make long exposure night photography.

We want to capture images in 360 degrees. We simply do not have an image stabilizer in our camera or lens.

What is the Tripod for Photography

Basically, the tripod serves to keep the camera in a stable position, to avoid tremors, vibrations and unwanted movements.

In photography, the vibrations or movements of the camera during shooting (time the shutter remains open) are translated into a moving image, a repeated image: blurred or less clear due to the involuntary movement of the camera.

In many cases, the lack of clarity of a photo is attributed to the camera (resolution/focus system) or to the objectives, when in fact it can be due to the camera’s trepidation.

Trepidation is more likely the slower the shutter speed. In photography, it is usually considered that freehand shooting requires a shooting speed greater than 1 divided by the equivalent focal point used. For example, to shoot freehand with a 50mm on an APS-C camera (1.5 cutoff factor with respect to full frame) the equivalent focal would be about 75mm (50mm x 1.5) and the minimum speed to avoid jitter would be 1 / 75 seconds, but it depends a lot on each person and situation.

The image stabilization systems give an additional margin when shooting at slow speeds but cannot guarantee images without trepidation in all situations.

For long exposure photographs, it is essential that the camera is completely stable, and in these cases, the tripod is our best ally. In the case of video, the trepidation and involuntary movements of the camera (for example when we record freehand) are even more annoying and very unpleasant in most cases.

Carbon Fiber Tripod

Carbon Fiber Tripod
Carbon Fiber Tripod

Are you looking for the perfect accessory for your camera or videos? With the carbon fiber tripods, you will get a compact gadget. Which will help you support the weight of the lens and camera set?

In Fiber carbon, we give you the opportunity to choose, at the best price, tripods of low and high range. We will adapt to your needs by offering you all kinds of ball joints. The low-end usually have integrated kneecap while the higher quality gives you the ability to choose. To do this, you must choose between three-axis ball joints, ball, fluid ball, joystick or video. Surely so you find yours.

Advantages of carbon fiber tripods

The use of a tripod for photography has a number of benefits that are logical for anyone. Whether experienced or not. And we are talking about the flexibility that provides having stable support when making the photo or video. We can use the shutter speed that we want or need at the moment and reach more complicated angles.

All this can be seen to be improved with a carbon fiber tripod. Since we do not lose resistance to blows or durability. But nevertheless, yes we can gain weight lightness and freedom of movement.

The tripods made of carbon are excellent travel companions. Its cost is increasingly adjusted and we can make an affordable purchase without giving up the best of qualities. You just need to choose the right one for you. All this is increased or adjusted in terms of quality when we speak of recognized brands such as Manfrotto or brands that increasingly have better opinions such as Neewer or Andover.

Camera Tripod the best for Travel

These we offer, are ideal for transport because they are foldable and lightweight. To this can be added anchoring and turning systems that allow flush-to-ground shots (macro photography) or at different angles and heights. The versatility can be one of its strongest points.

As we said in the introduction, you have the opportunity to choose between demountable or fixed ball joints, among other types. And you can find graduated bases that work beautifully. Perfect for reflex, video, professional, digital cameras and all the feet that you want to look for the cat. 

The important thing is that we have more expensive and cheaper models so that all types of fans can feel at ease. Many of them, in addition to having stability and precision without equal, allow the movement in 360º. With what you will have better results in panoramic.

Finally, I must say that we have allowed ourselves the luxury of including tripods that support the setting of mobiles or smartphones. Of all, it is known that photography with this type of tools is booming and you can also find incredible models made of carbon.


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[…] we offer, are perfect for transport since they are foldable and lightweight. To this can be included tying down and turning frameworks that enable flush-to-ground shots […]

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