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About us

DSLRCamera Zoom is a web page in which we carry out an exhaustive follow-up of all the photographic equipment that is coming out to the market every year. Cameras, lenses, backpacks, tripods, photography accessories, books for photographers … everything has a place on our page.

Objectives of DSLR Camera Zoom

Facilitate the purchase of photographic material thanks to our opinion articles.

Be aware of the latest news from the world of photography

Assess cameras, lenses and other photography accessories

Products: normally we select the best products for the quality price. They are not usually the most expensive, but neither are the cheapest ones.

Methods  of evaluation of photographic products

We dedicate a large part of our time to trying the cameras and objectives we are talking about first-hand. We are aware of the main news and we offer the latest news. Many of the cameras we tested first hand, and some we value based on the reviews and opinions of other buyers, all for you to make a good purchase decision.

We always recommend that you value the camera or the lens yourself, and cameras. One is a good starting point that will help you to know the main strengths and weaknesses of all photographic material. You should always look for extra information on the internet. Follow our advice but look for more information on your own.

On our page you will find the following information that may be useful:

In-depth analysis of photographic material with all the necessary details to know if you are making a good purchase or not.

Shopping guides by categories:  we give you all the options so that you can choose the best photographic product in each category. The more information you can gather … much better for your pocket.

Comparatives:  not only do we have purchase guides, but we also make comparisons of cameras, lenses, tripods, etc., which can help you to know which is the best purchase option. All products have their pros and cons, and so we tell you.

Project and Editors

Each editor has its area of specialization, and we usually make commons to decide the editorial content of  DSLRCamera Zoom


Associate Editor: Justin L Neal

Associate Editor: Justin L Neal

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