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In the event that you are going to purchase your next DSLR camera, don't miss this articls.

What would you like to learn today

The DSLR CAMERA ZOOM website is a source of creative ideas, reviews and much more

The technique

No need to spend on equipment if you do not have clear ideas on how, when, why to use it. Exposure triangle, depth of field, bokeh, ISO sensitivity, are just some of the concepts and terms that, especially at the beginning, generate confusion in the photographer. In our articles, we tackle all the technical aspects, one by one, in a simple but complete way, thanks to the examples and photos proposed by our experts.

Our reviews

Independent, complete, always up-to-date, our reviews have become famous among photography enthusiasts. The fact is that not being a store, we are not interested in "pushing" any product in particular. We want to help you choose the best equipment for you, the one that really suits the type of photography you like to do. With a special eye for the price. You can start with our articles on the best SLRs and the best mirrorless.

Assessories and other features to keep in mind

Those that we have seen so far are surely the basic qualities of any camera, which are then included along with the arrangement of pretty much helpful choices. Any sort of camera is currently given live view ,which enables you to see continuously the scene to be recorded on the LCD; not all models, however, have a swivel screen, an exceptionally helpful component when shooting from especially awkward positions, as regularly happens to the individuals who love the full scale or the first points of view.
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